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Developing Prominent OMR Scanner Software For Assisting With Fast Result Generation

Martvallery Services provide user-friendly Optical Mark Reader Software and a powerful desktop shape processing program that facilitates smooth processing of millions of OMR sheets, producing accurate results and enabling web publications.

Our developers provide smoothly operated automated OMR scanners that replace traditional methods that led to inaccurate data capture and manual search or manual correction of data. It would help if you had our OMR software to provide you with minimal hassles and save the scanned sheets in TIFF format in your folder.


Playing A Vital Role In Effortless Scanning Using Our OMR Scanner Services

OMR Software

Martvalley develops and distributes various OMR software forms, which are used based on its specifications by different institutes and industries. We use our AI-enabled OMR scanners to capture the data.

OMR Readers

OMR Readers are peripheral computing devices such as scanners that can be connected directly to the computer. We ensure that you collect data directly and reliably from the OMR sheets using our artistic OMR reader features.

OMR Software Support

Support is the most critical aspect of any of our Optical Mark Reader solutions. We know that our customers might have few doubts regarding the OMR software, and we are glad to help them clear their doubts happily.

OMR Scanner Case Studies

If you are one of those artistic clients from our long list of clients and have a great Optical Mark Reader case study, then you can always reach out to us for featuring them.


Making You Achieve Success Purely By The Simplicity Of Our OMR Software

Countless Templates

Concerning their OMR sheets, many organizations and companies have their parameters set. You can build your custom OMR sheets with Martvalley Services with the help of our countless custom-generated templates.

OMR Reading Process

We have a unique method of scanning/reading the OMR sheets that simplify our customers' lives. Our OMR scanners make the reading process more comfortable and much more precise than the original traditional methods.

Tick Mark Technology

Our OMR scanner can use a tick mark or cross to measure sheets that have been addressed. It will ease student’s or staff's tasks. However, it will also add accountability to educational institutions and companies in the scanning process!

Merging Data With Results

Our OMR scanner is developed with the utmost security algorithms that ensure data security and facilitate the smooth combination of that data with performance. Our Optical Mark Reader software provides that the results are confidential and can download them in the same Excel format.


Elevating The Precision Of Your OMR Scanner Using Our Unique Process

Design Form

Even on A4 size plain paper, design your OMR sheet with set guidelines, and your OMR sheet is ready to print. The simple but sophisticated program designed for the UI gives you the built-in feature to customize your OMR scanner template according to your requirements.


Print OMR Sheet

Print and read with 100 percent precision, whether it is plain OMR paper or regular OMR. Throughout every point, we follow the procedure to ensure that your information comes out correctly without any doubts or data integrity.


Scanning OMR Sheet

To scan your OMR sheets, use any standard scanner, with our OMR scanner and multi-function unit. To capture all your data, including scanned images, regardless of your scanner make or model design and print scan-able forms.


Read OMR Form

Our Optical Mark Reader reads everything to analyze some OMR sheet that can be an admission form or test paper. For MCQ tests, it manages almost all kinds of traditional and in-use labeling pattern practices.



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Our OMR software Provides You With Guaranteed Success

  • Chat from the cloud, giving both you and your customers easy access by using our Avant-garde technologies.

  • Developing cross-platform compatibility with almost all OS and appliances without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • 03 Advanced AI Technology

    We implement the most advanced Artificial Technology in our projects for providing you with futuristic features.

  • 04 Data Exports Made Easy

    Move the data using our OMR software to the desired database/format.