Artificial Intelligence - Future or something from the past?
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - Future or something from the past?

In this world of intelligence era and evolution, non-living components namely, machines can now demonstrate the intelligence of their own, unlike the natural intelligence which humans are gifted with, but intelligence that makes them independent and capable as much as we are.

Machines are everything in our day-to-day life, which help in completing our daily tasks easily and help us achieve our targets. Machines have got a good role to play in our life but since early time, these machines were being programmed to a restricted field, these machines didn’t have any intelligence of their own, they have to be commanded every moment we want to do some work, they cannot do it for us on own, they have to be told well and at times, they have to be operated by ourselves.

But now, the evolving time has brought us to something called Artificial Intelligence. Now, machines can help us just like humans, they have got their own minds.

What is Artificial Intelligence?


As the name widely suggests, Artificial Intelligence relates to intelligence inculcated in a non-living component through artificial means.

In this world, living beings are gifted with a mind of their own and they can use this for completing their day-to-day tasks and goals.

But when we want the same knowledge and intelligence in a non-living component, then in the process we create something called artificial intelligence. This intelligence is implanted in a machine through artificial means and we are doing so to make the machine as good as us to help in our work.

Artificial intelligence includes the ability of machines to rationalize and take actions to execute a specific goal. Artificial intelligence includes machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning refers to the ability of machines to learn from their target, subset preliminary information, and execute actions based on the model machines create. Deep learning techniques help machine learning to learn on its own using unstructured data such as text, images, etc. for machines that are not being provided by humans.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

A typical Artificial Intelligence works simply by analyzing its environment and then perceiving the data and taking actions that increase the chance of completing the goal. An AI can work simply by utility function which is a game of 0s and 1s, if the goal is simple then simply, the 1 is to be recorded if the machine wins the game otherwise 0 if it loses the game. It can go over complex functions also by taking actions using machine learning, whatever it has learned from past actions, it can use that learning to execute now’s actions to increase the chance of its victory. 

AI often revolves around algorithms. It uses computed instructions to complete tasks on its own decisions. Artificial Intelligence makes the machine completely independent of our command.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important? Why does A.I. matter?

Artificial Intelligence is a matter of concern and talk because it has got the capability of making our tasks much easier and doing the impossible.

Many tasks human beings can’t do simultaneously, they need help and sometimes it requires intellectual thinking and knowledge. These tasks can be handed over to machines who have got to learn about the tasks.

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And many times, we come across experiments and research which are practically impossible for human beings at times, and these empirical tasks can be achieved by artificial intelligence. We make empirical probabilities of succeeding in tasks say, the launch of a rocket, etc., these empirical tasks' success can be enhanced by using artificial intelligence.

Many such important things artificial intelligence can help in are: -

·   Evolution of data-driven industries: - AI can be used in helping to manage the data in industries and can be used in making profits much better since Artificial Intelligence can reduce errors possibility.

·   It can change the job market: - with the approach of Artificial Intelligence in the market, many jobs will be created. We would require engineers to manage AI and test them and prepare them for daily use.

·   Schooling: - Artificial intelligence can have a big impact on the way schooling is done. Artificial intelligence can help in expanding the learning fields and can enhance the way learning opts.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in the present time

Today, artificial intelligence is used in many fields varying from small tasks of computing to high tasks of auto-parking and auto-driving.

· Virtual Assistant or Chatbots

· Agriculture and Farming

· Autonomous Flying

· Retail, Shopping, and Fashion

· Security and Surveillance

· Sports Analytics and Activities

· Manufacturing and Production

· Live Stock and Inventory Management

· Self-driving Cars or Autonomous Vehicles

· Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis

· Warehousing and Logistic Supply Chain

Special Considerations of use of Artificial Intelligence

·  Tesla is using Artificial Intelligence to introduce the self-driving mode in the vehicles. Tesla introduced the self-driving or so-called auto-pilot in mid-October 2015.

Not only self-pilot but also, air service is introduced by Elon Musk using Artificial Intelligence.

· Then, using Artificial Intelligence, OnePlus smartphone company Ltd. had its one-plus smartphone launch online using Augmented Reality in the lockdown era.

· Virtual reality is a great tool for artists to create their visualization into reality, either its fantasy or their real-life lovable things. And this virtual reality is powered by artificial intelligence the best. Today, we are able to be in the moment by VR using AI.

· Augmented reality has also got the same benefit as Artificial Reality. Augmentation helps us in real-time visualization using Artificial Intelligence.

· User interface of our mobile phones uses Artificial Intelligence. They provide us with face recognition and speech recognition with the help of artificial intelligence.

· Google has made its own Google Assistant using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

· Apple's SIRI is made using Artificial Intelligence.

And much more are listed below in brief: -

· Optical character recognition

· Handwriting recognition

· Artificial creativity

· Computer vision

· Image processing

· Motion interpolation

· Pixel-art scaling algorithms

· Image scaling

· Image restoration

· Photo colorization

· Film restoration

· Photo tagging

· Photo and video manipulation

· Diagnosis (artificial intelligence)

· Game theory and strategic planning

· Game artificial intelligence and computer game bot

· Natural language processing, translation, and chatterbots

· Nonlinear control and robotics

· Agent-based models

· Agent-based computational economics

· Artificial life

· Automated reasoning

· Automated theorem proving

· Proof assistants

· Bio-inspired computing

· Concept mining

· Data mining

· Knowledge representation

· Semantic Web

· Email spam filtering

· Robotics

· Behaviour-based robotics

· Cognitive robotics

· Cybernetics

· Developmental robotics (Epigenetic)

· Evolutionary robotics

· Human-robot interaction

· Hybrid intelligent system

· Intelligent agent

· Intelligent control

· Litigation

· Oil and Gas

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has got the real capacity of revolutionizing the world. It will bring out a complete artificial non-living ecosystem into life. Artificial Intelligence will make our lifestyle easier and soon, AI would have developed its own independent ecosystem. The way we live tomorrow will be influenced by a tint of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence would take many forms of its own. It would create its own further intelligence on its own and would become a part of our life. It would save lives and make the world a better place to live.

Summing Up

But the way Artificial Intelligence would help save lives and help the world become a better place, it can be a bane also if used in the wrong way. Artificial intelligence can be used for wrong purposes but we can have control over it. Artificial intelligence is a boon and it ought to be a boon and it is all on us.

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