Refund and Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation policy


Martvalley Online Private Limited is a service-based company specializing in software development. Given the nature of our work, we deploy dedicated resources for each project. Our cancellation and refund policy reflects the commitment and resources involved in providing our services.

Cancellation Policy

  • Before Initiation of Work: If you wish to cancel your order, you may do so before we have commenced work on your project. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the cancellation.
  • After Initiation of Work: Once we have started working on your project, cancellations are not possible. Significant planning and resource allocation occur at the initiation stage, making it unfeasible to halt the process.

Refund Policy

  • Before Initiation of Work: Refunds can be considered if the cancellation is requested before the work has started. 
  • After Initiation of Work: Due to the commitment of resources and effort, refunds are not available once the work has commenced.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding our cancellation or refund policies, or to request a cancellation before the work has started,

please contact us at



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