Celebrating International Yoga Day 2022
Benefits Of Yoga

Celebrating International Yoga Day 2022

Yoga is a culture that is passed to us by our ancestors and guides us to meet the beauty of nature with different healthy poses. This art is great for giving wellness to our physical as well as mental health. Yoga is a great resource that we have earned from our great past generations, which can be used to address physical illness and increase our immunity. It is also good to find mental peace in situations that are tough to tackle.

For decades Yoga has proven a profound method for regaining health after meeting any incurable disease. Though it is a long-term process, the benefits earned by following the practices of Yoga are permanent, unlike many other temporary treatments.

There are uncountable benefits of pursuing Yoga in your daily routine. We will discuss some of them today.

Measure Benefits Of Yoga

  • Gaining flexibility, strength and balance- In our childhood, we used to do many things like jumping around, twisting ourselves in structures like we can't now and performing many activities. Why can't we now?

We are not able to perform all these activities now because of our lifestyle. We do not give any attention to our physical fitness and keep our bodies locked in a particular structure as per our comfort. This causes us to not carry out even the smallest simplest activities for longer durations or mould our bodies beyond our limitations. During childhood, our bodies used to be fresh and active as we had a new brain which we do not have now.

Involving Yoga as our routine task can increase it all in our bodies. We can gain the strength that we have been planning to have for years, keep balance while carrying out the irregular tasks and enhance flexibility in our body organs.

  • Pain reliever- Keeping our posture rigid and not doing any considerable movements can lead to having difficulty even in quick possible actions. Please don't assume that it is our fault that our bodies have become like that as our daily routine has a work balance like that. This will keep on continuing like this only unless we take a significant step to resolve this since this rigidness can be enough to cause pain in our bones in different body organs. 

You can pursue the healthy practice of Yoga to get relief from these hectic pains that keep us from performing our routine jobs and enjoy our days to the best of our abilities.

  • Have a healthy sleep- With this stressful life, the amount of sleep has also reduced in an average person's daily life. This reduction often causes people to be lazy and always sleepy, even in crowded places. This corruption can result in health hazards like migraine(incurable headaches), restlessness and many other problems which make you disturbed, and your behavior also turn into frustration.

Bedtime Yoga is the most prevalent way of reducing stress and keeping yourself fresh always. It helps you sleep better, which results in a 'Good Day' that people wish for you always.

  • Mental Wellness- Studies have shown that people tend to be more short-tempered nowadays. They can easily be made angry about small things that don't even matter that much. The issues of heart failure, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression are all aftereffects of mental illness.

This illness is most common in youngsters and old age people and can be found very dangerous for their lives. To improve this condition of the people, they should be offered regular Yoga sessions where they will learn how to meditate and channelize this negative energy towards something positive and bright. Optimism is an excellent policy that everyone learns from Yoga.

Yoga is a great initiative to promote health and wellness and even the actual human values in people's minds. This time Martvalley Services has taken measures to sustain the values of Humanity and Peace among everyone.

On International Yoga Day 2022, Martvalley Services also took a pledge to spread the word about the purity of this art with a message. In this celebration, our whole team, including our CEO Mr. Raj Gaurav and Managing Director Mr. Amit Kumar, were equally indulged in carrying out various activities of Yoga, known as 'Asana', and promoting health and wellness. 


Yoga stands for Humanity so does MVS.

Yoga stands for Peace so does MVS.

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