Custom Software Development - Step into new era of Software Development
Custom software development

Custom Software Development - Step into new era of Software Development

Custom software is one that is exclusively made for some specific organization or other users. This software is different from open-source free software packages or software made for the mass market, say commercial off-the-shelf software packages. 


What does it stand for?


Custom software development simply stands for developing, deploying, and maintaining a customized software for organization-specific users or other specific users. 

Let’s say there is an organization “X”, which is sales-specific, so instead of using some mass-market software packages like excel, access, etc., the organization deploys its custom software which would be their task specific and easy to use for their employees. This process of designing and maintaining custom software is something that comes under Custom Software Development. This contrasts these custom software packages from Microsoft Office or Apache, etc. The latter deals with generalized needs of office productivity, and website creation and such tasks whereas the former are meant for organization-specific tasks like a custom online banking system can be in play to meet the specific requirements of a shop or a bank, etc. 

Custom software and its development are also called bespoke software or tailor-made software, as the name suggests, bespoke means for “something made for a particular customer or user or set of users” and so the software stands the same. A software which can be tailored to do a specific kind of task. Just like a tailored suit is meant for a particular person, likewise, tailor-made software is meant for a particular task.

Custom software development deals with the same code of instructions written for some other COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf software). CSD is usually done by in-house development teams of the organization itself or outsourced to third-party developer teams. 

The same processes and methodologies are used in making a customized software just as it has got an asset of task-specific instructions. The familiar set of requirements for software development is meant for custom software.

The main sort of effort required for custom software packages is its customization, modernization, and management. 

  • A formerly made software needs to be updated in a run, so that it can deal with the individual task and progressive task of the organization, with evolving market demands, and this comes under modernization.
  • Application customization includes individual-specific task completion by the software.
  • Application management involves keeping the software effective in the run and keeping it efficient to deal with daily tasks without upheld and delays. It includes optimization, clean-up, updates, installation, etc.


How can CSD be beneficial?


Custom Software Development can be so very beneficial to you. It has got tons of advantages, some of which listed below: - 

  • Advanced and enhanced business processes: - every business has got its functioning and in-house models, so sometimes it becomes difficult for companies and business firms to change their functioning to suit COTS, though those COTS may be effective and efficient but hard to get suited with. So, companies build their software to work effectively.
  • Cost-effective: - Some COTS are very expensive and have many functions not required to the company, but they have to pay completely for the software, so a company can build their Custom Software cost-effective and only suited to their specific tasks.
  • Time effective: - Custom software is time effective. A COTS is being provided with so many functions for mass-market needs. It's hard to discover every task and learn it for a user-oriented company, so instead, they can make their software which employees won’t take time to learn and can work effectively, and efficiently. 
  • Flexibility: - Custom software is completely in your hands; you can make it the most efficient software for your task. It is task-effective software.
  • Encryption: - Custom software is totally in your hands and so end-to-end encrypted also. They are very secure software and need not worry about the malicious run.
  • Compatible: - Custom software is designed In a way that it best suits the firm and makes things easier to work with.
  • Easy to use: - A custom software user interface is designed according to the business firm's requirements, and so it is made easy to use and effective for employees.

Is it something necessary?


As far as we see the effectiveness of custom software, it has got some disadvantages also, as listed below: - 

  • Management: - Managing your software can be hard and time-consuming.
  • Optimization: - Keeping the software updated to market needs requires concise efforts and time.
  • Support: - You are the complete in-charge of software, so you can’t have any external support in case of queries in software.

Seeing the advantages rolling over disadvantages, custom software can be effective. But its necessity is entirely the way your firm works. 

Let’s take two cases and you decide on your own: - 

  1. Need of custom software: - let your company be handling precise shopping. You have got a big store which deals with a great number of goods and needs a good database. So, it can use any COTS like Access, but it doesn’t need all such complicated functions of Ms Access, so it can develop its software which would deal with only sales and directed to its database.
  2. No need for custom software: - let there be a company which deals with the database of school, so they can simply do it on COTS like Ms Excel, no need to waste money on some new software. 

You can decide the monetization you can do on software or else get a COTS.


How to find a trustable CSD company?


The main reason most people get an incomplete or buggy software at the end is because they forget to go for one of the most important things, which is finding a reputed company. In market, when we go to buy a toy, some will offer the same thing for 20$ and some will for 30$ but if someone offers it for 5-10$, we will surely buy from it.

But the main issue here is that we are giving importance to our budget rather than the quality. The 20$-30$ toys will operate for much more years as compared to the 10$ one and that is the same difference between a high charged software and a low charged one.

It’s better to first compare between 3-4 companies, see their pricing and the features. Don’t just focus on development of the software, focus on after development and bugs removal, this will help you in the long run. One such company is – Martvalley it is a well-known and trusted company, but instead of believing this article, go check yourself and then decide. After you’ve gone through the tiring process of finding a company, don’t just purchase their package, sometimes there are small hidden details you may may-not notice, once I also bought a mileweb hosting package thinking I will get a free domain but it turned out to be a .shop domain not a .in (although the hosting package was already very good with free SSL) , the same way you should look out for this small details and if you’re not sure then go for their customer support also just to make sure they are on the right path, ask for regular updates, and focus on one thing – “regular”, don’t go and ask for updates every day or so because this will not do any good it’ll just make the dev more irritated.


Some important things to notice

If you’re still with us then you surely want to get some good advice on this topic, So, follow these few things which we suggest to fetch best results:

1) Don’t buy a package directly, consult first.

2) If you are going to hire a company or firm to make a high level software such as a student attendance manager or something, make sure you also get a maintenance pack so you don’t fall into issues later on.

3) Be clear when explaining what you need and don’t change it because if you do they surely will charge an extra amount so decide before.

4) After the software develops, get it checked by someone so that if they by any chance finds any bugs the dev can remove them.

5) At last, always prefer quality over quantity, many people will give your 2-3 features for free at max, if they are giving way too much for free then it’s a red flag, be sure your project falls into the right hands.

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