Everything you need to know about Web Application Development
Web Application Development

Everything you need to know about Web Application Development

In normal terms web application is referred to an online portal or service that is available on a web browser and helps people to access information.

In computerized terms, it is recognized as a program that can be accessed with a web browser as it runs on a web server.

Web application comprises of two main parts- Client-side and server-side

The server-side here helps to store and fetch data and the client-side handles the display of the retrieved data at the users’ end which is the front-end of the web application.

Benefits of Web Application Development

Imagine that your customers are able to know about you and your business and each and every aspect your business that you want them to be aware about with just one medium. Would you feel great?

Obviously, why won’t you.

Similar happens when you get a website and software developed for your business that makes your business information accessible to the customers from anywhere. Then you do not have to attend that many calls and revert to emails(although it would not end and equally important) but the frequency would be less so the human efforts for these task will become less and you will easily spread word about your company with one basic medium.

Sounds great, right?

Also, it is cost-effective to have a website for your business to reach out to the customers, again the reason is mentioned earlier.

One more benefit of web application over a software or native application is that it does not require download as it run on a web server that can be accessed directly through a web browser.

Now when we have made the decision to get a web application to move our business online the problem that comes into role is how should we get it developed?

In this article, we will discuss the major steps that one should follow in the process of web application development for her/his business.

Types of Web Applications for Development 

Ensuring a successful website application development there are many things required which include great architecture, rigorous planning and use of best resources like best frameworks and tools. Rather the most important part is strategizing each step that you may take while progressing towards a future-oriented web application.

The primary step for getting a web application developed is to select the right type of web application for our business.

There exist seven types of web applications that you can get developed for your business.

  • Static web application- These are the most simplest form of web applications. These do not interact with the users directly and are not that much interactive also. Static web applications are written with basic HTML, CSS, jQuery and very easy to build. However, you can make them interactive by putting ceratin banners and posters. This form of web application can be used if you do not wish to take any kind of user input and only want provide information.
  • Dynamic web application- Dynamic web applications are interactive in nature. However, these are complexer than the normal static web application but these are more ser friendly and contains functions for user inputs such as making users fill form, post comments, etc. For building dynamic web applications you do not need any kind of access or connection to the server. These type of web applications use programming languages like ASP.NET, PHP to get build.
  • Content management system- Content management systems are used to perform operations on the content of the website like write, read and edit.These are very simple to make even non-technical users can also try their hands on them. These are developed using tools like Wordpress, Drupal etc.
  • Single page application- Single page applications, commonly referred to as SPAs are the website applications that have only one page that does not reload to display the content and update content dynamically. These applications use front-end and back-end both which makes them more complex to understand, on contrary they give the user a great user-end experience which makes them a good choice for your business. For example, GMail is an SPA web application which has earned fame worldwide.
  • Multi-page application- Unlike SPAs, MPAs(Multi-page applications) require reloading to refresh the content on the web-page. There architecture is also complex like SPAs. In other words, MPA consists of multiple pages that are static and require reloading whenever the content is updated. The advantage of using MPAs is the SEO(Search Engine Optimization). MPA has so many static pages which means number of backlinks creation which is a good practice for the SEO of the content on the website.
  • eCommerce web application- An eCommerce web application, as the name suggests, refers to the online selling and buying portal. Here, the administrative user which is you can accept payments, highlight your products over the web and create a place where customer can buy your products. Most of the online shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay are an online shopping portal or web applications only that make the users buy their products, and process and accept payments and orders digitally. This is also a good way to sell online as the products lists can be updated digitally by connecting the server to the database, you can provide a shopping cart to your customers and manage and track real-time orders. All these features give customers an ease for buying online and leaving the stress of going to a store physically.
  • Progressive web application- PWA, the most profound web applications of all times. These give the most premium features for the great user-experience. These give both a web-application and a native application feel to the user as they can copy the link and save a shortcut of the link on their smartphone’s home screen also. 

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Web application development is a major step towards the growth of a business. This step has developed its importance after the pandemic CONVID-19. This is so because the business during the days of lockdown most accessible to the users digitally only.

So, to keep your business growth fast and steady you need to enter the IT Industry and hire the best website and software development agency.

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