How to grow your startup business of mobile application?
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How to grow your startup business of mobile application?

‘Startup’ is the new culture of economic and financial growth in the world. Particularly in India, ‘startup’ has become a trend. Since 2010, the term startup has emerged widely in India. And after the pandemic COVID-19, this term has taken its peak as people, while being at home, sustained many of their startup ideas. Among all those fresh startup ideas, there has been one profound startup business that many have been interested in, and that is a Mobile Application.

A Mobile application is a software that is installed on users’ smartphones, and they use it in order to fulfil their various requirements. This application can belong to a single company that may provide all the services which user’s like to have on their mobiles. There can be different types of services, among which any one or maybe two significant kinds are provided by a single application. For example, Facebook is for social networking while Bigbasket is for household shopping, Amazon is for e-commerce, and Netflix is for watching shows and movies. These services can be paid, unpaid, or commission-based, depending on the policies put by the respective organization that has launched the application.

When you have a business idea for a mobile application, then you need to follow certain conventions that could never be skipped, according to the experts in the I.T. industry. These rules are mandatory to establish an excellent mobile application development and then the promotion of it so that users get to know about your business faster.

The process of mobile application development is the crucial and critical one in this whole startup project as there are so many new technologies that are growing at a tremendous rate daily, including A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), M.L. (Machine Learning), CRM(Customer Relationship Management) and many more, which you need to implement in your mobile application too. This makes your application more user-friendly and interactive and attracts a more significant userbase to your application.

There are two types of mobile application development which are iOS and Android application development. Since the userbase that prefers smartphones in their daily lives is divided into two categories of smartphone users based on the O.S. type of their respective mobile phones, the first is the users who use Android smartphones, and the second is those who use iOS smartphones. There are significant design terminologies, features and styles that are different in both of them. Also, the policies of android and iOS vary from each other a lot, so the application needs to abide by both. Apart from this, you need to know your target market so that you can easily manage to provide the features that would influence and allure them to use your application.

For a fascinating mobile application development process, you need to hire good developers, which, in turn, means employing the services of a promising software development company.

You can find many software development agencies in the market in India as the I.T. industry in India has grown widely, making it the second biggest I.T. zone in the world to supply I.T. development services. Although the pool is deep, you need to fetch the fish that fulfils your hunger. This means that the selection of the mobile application development company should be precise in terms of quality work and standard prices. 

Rather than scratching your mind too much about the when, what, which and how you can try performing the strategies mentioned below.

How to get the best Mobile application development for your startup?

In the process of development, you need to hire the best developers, either you can hire a bunch of freelancers, or you can give a shot to an established website and software development firm.

The main difference between hiring freelancers and a software development company is you get a synchronized and planned version of the work, which you might not get if you hire freelancers because there are no pre-mentioned company policies, and there are raw individuals who do not know how to carry out the development work officially. 

Next, is how should you choose the best software development company for assigning the project development?

  1. Organized project planning- The development company that you hire must know how to do proficient project planning through a dedicated generalized report. The report for showing the workflow of the application development may include required DFDs, ER diagrams and all other required infographics related to the project. This planning should be carried out find in order to make the later designing process easy and accurate, which would, later on, make the development more efficient.
  2. Thorough requirement gathering from the client- The experts present in your project’s development team of the software development company may make the requirement gathering a regularly revised process so that they do not miss out on any vital feature or change that you want in the project later. Also, the team should not sound reluctant to the specifications and requirements specified by you at the initial stage of the project assignment and during the development phase.
  3. Regular completion updates- The team which is working on your project should be able to divide the application into simpler modules and acknowledge the client regarding the same at the initial phase only. After the development starts, they should be responsible enough to let you know about the status of the modules of the project timely, to have you relaxed too.
  4. No illogical deadline promises- Often, this is the case with most application development companies who promise their clients irrational deadlines which are not met later. This generates situations of frustration inside the client for the company she has hired. It would be best if you made sure that the organization you hire avoids taking such invalid steps and gives you the possible deadlines they need to perform the whole work with quality assured.
  5. Commitment for the future- After the project completion, you might desire a longer bond with the mobile application development company to bring the essential changes and release important updates after the product has entered the market and received the feedback on bugs and issues at the users’ end.

One such company that confines all of the above-mentioned qualities in its development policies is Martvalley Services, a website and software development company in India. They have a team of experienced professionals and young innovative minds who provides them with a blend of unique and promising development services. The services that Martvalley Services offer to their clients are custom CRM software development, website development, mobile application development, and custom ERP software development and they are involved in the latest marketing services also, which is a cherry on the top for any software development agency.

After the process of developing of mobile application, you need to target the audience for which the application has been designed. Most of the startups fail as they fail to reach their target audience and do not get the deserved popularity. So you need to carry out this step very finely.

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