Why Hire Indian Software Development? Top 5 Reasons
Software Development, Top 5 Reasons

Why Hire Indian Software Development? Top 5 Reasons

India, in today's date, is seen as the leading provider of solutions for software development in the whole world. This emergence in the I.T. industry on the global level is not the only result of the significant number of human resources available in India, but also the education level and the policies of work followed in India are a great contribution to this emergence. As the rate of software development companies and startups is also growing in India in the last decade only, this brings more diversion of employment in the I.T. industry.

In the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in the revenue generated by the I.T. industry in India. The rate of progress in the sector over the previous five years is evaluated as around 7.5%. The reason behind this exponential growth is the interest and mindset of youth toward the tech industry and their emerging proficiency in various technical sections like coding languages and frameworks, databases and softwares.

Indian software engineers are found profound in problem-solving skills, creativity, proficiency in old and new technologies, cost-beneficial services and most importantly, high-level English proficiency. They adopt next-generation technologies like A.I., Machine Learning, custom software development and others in a considerable way which makes it easier for them to work on the diverse culture of technologies.

Major employment cities such as Delhi-NCR, Pune, Noida and Hyderabad have become significant I.T. hubs for big companies like Infosys, TCS, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. Hence, India has been made the best tech market for the outsourcing of developers and resources because of the daily rapid launch of software and website development companies in multiple states which offer services like custom software development, ERP development and CRM development.

For elaborating this, let's know the most prominent factors that help to conclude why India shall be chosen for software development around the world.

Top 5 Features of India as a Software Development

  • Outsourcing in India

India's working policies state that among all other digital nations globally, it provides outsourcing services 24x7 serving. The sectors served are Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, I.T., etc. This suggests that not only the I.T. services but the Indian outsourcing has its roots in many other sectors as well. Some of the significant countries and parts of the world that hire our outsourcing services are the USA, the U.K. and Europe. The conclusion being the talent and services of India is considered around the world.

As the GILD's latest report suggests, the Indian programmers do better at applying Logic and Mathematics when examined by providing difficult coding tests and exams. It is also concluded that by the year 2024, India will attain a considerable growth of around 39% by generating the most extensive developer base in the world. Since the Indian number of graduates as software developers is shooting at a reasonable rate. The USA will have a total of 4.4 million, whereas India will achieve a strength of 5.2 million programmers by 2024.

  • Technologies' Adaption by Indian Developers

India has a deep sea of skilled programmers having expertise in the critical technologies that form the base of the I.T. industry today, like Javascript, PHP, C/C++ and Python. India's rank is in the top 5 when it comes to having developers that use the most trending languages. 

Indian developers also show skillset in popular technologies such as React J.S., React Native and Flutter. Because of this, cross-platform development is achieved using various frameworks and languages.

In this way, the android and iOS mobile application development and website development are performed by the Indian programmers, which is the basic need of today's business world for any company to gain a good amount of traffic and consumers. 

  • Indian Development rates are more affordable and present quality services

One of the biggest advantages, when you get the development performed by the Indian outsourcing services, is that you get cost-effective services of development. The cost for companies decreases by up to 20-30% when you hire custom software development in India.

Bangalore is seen as the most expensive city in India, for development is still cheaper than the cost of livelihood in California by 140%. And if the most expensive city is more affordable than the other I.T. hubs in the world, then how low is going to be the prices in other cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Noida, etc.

An Indian software development agency would always be willing to offer transparency in the charges to the clients, professional developers, high skilled, quality services and unique patterns of programming and development. For example, Martvalley Services is a prominent website and software development company in Noida, Delhi/NCR.

  • Second-largest English speaking state

India consists of the second-largest set of developers around the world who can read and write English which is excellent quality as there is no barrier for them to establish communication with the clients of any region. 

Since English has become the common language by which people communicate and exchange information, Indians put a lot of pressure on keeping children learning English fluently. Hence, Indian graduates adopt English very well and use it to interact with clients and do not need any mediator.

  • Indian policies of work

Indian working standards are comparatively higher than other digital regions. The software development companies in India follow western business culture and model and maintain an open environment for everyone. This result in the workflow among the developers being even better and an enhancement in problem-solving rate.

India has the largest count of engineer graduates, which affects the workforce of development companies in a positive manner.

Unlike other countries, Indian developers work around 40 hours a week. It can increase but never goes down than 40. There are approximately 14 holidays observed which is way less than that of the USA and Europe who get a total of 19. The conclusion is that when you hire Indian software developers, you get your requirements met faster and with high quality.

Hence, hiring Indian software development would be a proven benefit for your organization because of the above-mentioned and many other reasons.

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