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Tailoring Customer Relationship Management Software to Build
Long-Lasting Customer Relations

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Constantly Pushing Your Business Towards Success By Providing Phenomenal iPhone App Development Services.

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Thriving to Become Your Best Technological Partner

Martvalley is a well-known iOS application development company, supplying its customers worldwide with reliable and inexpensive iOS application development services. Our team of seasoned, trained, and professional developers assist us in creating stable, skillful, and customized iPhone apps that fulfill the needs of our customers and help them accomplish their business goals.

What separates our iPhone application developers from others is their commitment to delivering innovation while upholding industry expectations in all their applications. We know that all businesses have different app demands, and hence we deliver custom-made iOS app development services to our customers as a reliable and seasoned iOS mobile app designing company.

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Enriching Your Business With Our Custom-Solutions

Custom iPhone App Development

We design entirely custom iPhone applications that satisfy your business needs and that are full of features utilizing recent trends.

iPhone App Integration Services

In our iPhone application integration facilities, we merge the iPhone apps and complete your iPhone app with the latest solutions.

UI/UX Design For iOS Applications

We will create an elegant and user-friendly iOS UI/UX interface to give your users an easy-to-navigate and fully-functional applications.

iOS Application Maintenance

For iPhone applications we have made, we provide maintenance and support services. We guarantee that the application runs well for a long time.

Consultation For iPhone Apps

Do you have an idea about an interface and want to turn it into a powerful application? Consult and have customized consultation with our iPhone app experts.

Offshore iPhone Developers

Act with professional and experienced developers of iPhone applications. Recruit hourly/monthly/fixed on-site & off-site committed developers.

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Native App Development For iOS

Optimizing The Time & Cost Of Your Project Efficiently

Swift Ui

We use Swift to safeguard against errors and to improve the overall readability that helps our programmers to deploy your application quickly with enhanced performance.


We use Objective-C programming language to provide you with more stable applications by captivating its approved APIs.


We also use Xcode tools and IDE to provide smooth and efficient apllications for you. It is highly used and recommended by our iOS developers.

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Hybrid App Development For iOS

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By employing the easy to code HTML5 language, we make sure to provide you with a perfectly blended cross-platform application.


We provide you with high-speed client-side applications by embedding JavaScript codes in your application source codes.

React Native

We provide a simple and highly functional user interface with the help of magical React Native language that is currently most used and demanding language for ui framework

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iOS is the most common operating system platform in the field of app development. It has a simple to use GUI, offers high customer services, and helps in being the industry leader by providing unparalleled smartphones. The iOS platform has a high degree of protection and assures that its users are secure from external threats.

At Martvalley Services, we understand the importance of iOS applications for your business. So, we devise a strategy that is built around a mixture of approaches that allows your business to increase its revenue in double-folds. Our iOS app development company provides you with:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Filtered Audience
  • Strong Brand Value
  • Higher ROI
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Our iOS App Development Process

Our Custom Process For Making Your Business Proclaimed

Requirement Analysis

We often take a step-by-step approach when creating an application. As a first step, we address your project needs to our team of iOS developers and designers. They will suggest a solution that will fit your brand in the best manner after evaluating the proposal.


Wireframing & Designing

Martvalley Services knows that creativity is a top priority in the iOS application development process! Every blueprint is specially designed for the program and its wireframe. We build the software concept once the wireframing process is complete.


Development & Testing

Upon acceptance, we build the required code, develop logic for each section, and give input on components to check all test cases. Our highly competent team will carry out the requisite checks after acceptance to ensure that there is no errors before a final nod.


Final App Launching

Now all your application needs is to be deployed! We deploy your desired iPhone application to your server and the App Store. We ensure that all tests have been completed and you've accepted the final result. After that you can download your app

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  • Our easy-to-use and innovative iPhone applications have easier navigation for your customers.

  • Our team of developers provides completely customizable iOS application development services that are capable to meet the needs of your businesses and applications.

  • 03 On-Time Project Delivery

    We understand the importance of your time. So, we work hard to finish the projects on time by retaining the overall quality and standard of your project.

  • 04 Highly Experienced Team

    Martvalley Services has a team of programmers with a realistic vision and expertise in iOS application development, making us the leading iPhone app development company India.

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Martvalley Services is a top custom CRM software development company. With the use of CRM tools, our customers
can process customer data & provide a stable workflow within a dynamic business structure.
Our CRM developers tailor solutions to make it a perfect fit for your unique needs.

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Our Wide Variety of Industries

Fashion & Lifestyle

Over the years eCommerce in the fashion/lifestyle field with enticing images, sophisticated advertising, and omnichannel experiences has been indispensable. We create unprecedented eCommerce portals with outstanding appearance, sensation, and features at Martvalley Services. We build the perfect user interface for your eCommerce website, ranging from easy navigation to simple buttons, which will give your client a fun shopping experience.


With the growing usage of internet healthcare businesses, eCommerce websites are now developed. We are developing top-notch eCommerce websites that help to establish a strong online presence for healthcare companies. We build a web platform that enables them from their site to provide accessibility, ease, usability, and clarity to their customers to sell drugs, supplies, medical instruments, and other medical goods.



For your educational/university services, we'll create a scalable, user-friendly, and feature-rich website for sales through one platform. Your eCommerce website will allow you to improve your business with the use of a dedicated homepage, simple navigation, high-end security, and other features. We incorporate an easy-to-use admin section with a personalized shopping cart, product, and category sections.


you can sell car parts and components from a single marketplace on an Automobile E-Commerce website. We create a high-end eCommerce Car platform, which offers an enticing shopping experience to take you online. Your platform will provide your customers with quick check-out, informative product pages, safe payment methods, and concise navigation.



For your Finance firm, we will build an enticing eCommerce platform, which will make selling your financial items very convenient. We take great care to build a friendly website that benefits your clients and enhances your company from the home page to the checkout phase. We integrate user-friendly functionalities that make the platform useful to all users.


Martvalley Services develop eCommerce platforms filled with features that will ease its online services for retail companies. We give our customers unrivaled eCommerce solutions, filled with an enticing homepage, informative product pages, safe payment methods, quick browsing, a shoppers cart, options for social share, simple CTAs, and other features. Facilities include a simple registration/sign up process, search filters, monitoring, and review.



With eCommerce Travel Websites, it is easy to market your travel packages and offer online reservations. We create state-of-art eCommerce travel sites with an elegant look and feel and a range of features at Martvalley Services. We add an option for search & comparing that helps your customers to compare multiple packages. We may also include buttons for social media networking, reviews, persuasive call-to-action buttons, and other functionality that increase the site's usability.

Ticket & Event Booking

We can create a dynamic and interactive platform for events and tickets, which runs on all platforms, whether it's a smartphone or a Laptop. Within a few taps, consumers can conveniently purchase tickets or book events. We incorporate a secure ticket system that makes tickets quick to get and track each ticket. Additional features such as customized ticket templates, a simple interface, ticket-related data examination, and analysis, sharing social media and ranking system, etc.

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Crafting Best Solutions By Cultivating Our Unique Project Building Procedure



Our developers start the project building process by learning more about you, your project, and your needs. We also research the latest market trends, so that we could know your audience better.



We ensure to assign the most-experienced development team for your project. This team is led by an expert. We do assign a dedicated team to your valuable project because this helps us in providing you with a better communication bridge between us.



We make sure to craft your corporate identity by providing you with the best development technologies. We do work on the development of the user interface on your accepted wireframes. This makes your CRM software fully customer-centric.



Our testing and support team constantly updates the launched software to dissolve every bug and error. We make sure to support the solution according to its needs.

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Diversifying Implementation & Integration Process Using the Optimal Features of Our CRM Development

Providing Security Solutions To Reduce Overall Risk Factor

Martvalley Services has long been at the forefront of keeping the keys, financial and other sensitive data protected and secure from outside intruders. Our CRM developers ensure the safety of your data by:

  • We encrypt your data by using various custom software. This will help to take out the rocket science involved in the encryption process.
  • We ensure that you are downloading the latest security updates from the operating system by enabling automatic updates.
  • We provide you with Anti-malware protection that will help you in overcoming the major data theft issues. Our custom anti-malware software is able to scan even the most cleverly disguised malware.

As our system has been combined with cloud storage, it provides complete encryption for your company data to protect you from losing substantial information.


Saving Your Money Through Sales Force Automation

Martvalley Services is pioneer in providing in sales CRM to efficiently boost the overall capability of your business. Our Custom CRM developers provide you with:

  • We make the work of lead generation easier by automating your entire workflow. This helps in increasing the productivity of your team.
  • By providing customization options, our CRM software can cater to the needs of unique businesses needs. By providing you with customized, we streamline your operations.
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  • We offer you third-party software integration by choosing the software that is compatible and will streamline your business operations.

We enhance the efficiency of the traditional CRM by upgrading your current sales CRM. It will help you from nurturing the leads to closing the sales.


Ensuring The Simplification Of Your Business Processes

We cater to all your needs, and easy integration is something that we really focus on to simplify the business processes. Our CRM developers ease down your integration process by:

  • Automatically syncing the sales and order information with your POS system and accounting software.
  • Automatically building the email lists and launch the marketing of campaigns for reducing your task.
  • Constantly back-up the synced data for simplifying the workflow process.

With several extensions and plugins, the framework can be quickly implemented. This helps to pull all teams together and to run the company on the same platform.


Providing Top-Notch Support & Maintenance For Our Valuable Clients

We, at Martvalley Services, know the actual value of our customers by building a bridge of our support systems. Our CRM developers provide you with constant support & maintenance by:

  • Giving you a 360-degree comprehensive view of customers that provides you with the entire data.
  • Logging all the incidents, website visits, purchase histories, and other basic activities for future reference.
  • Automatically sending customer acknowledgments for their inquiries and messages, so that they feel valued.

Our experts will not back away until they end up fulfilling your wish according to your desired needs.

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Being one of the best custom CRM development companies in Delhi NCR, we know that every organization
needs an ideal strategy

CRM Development Strategy

Being one of the best custom CRM development companies in Delhi NCR, we know that every organization needs an ideal strategy. So, we help you find and produce the right custom CRM solutions for your particular market requirements.

CRM Integration

Integrating the CRM framework through the current Internet website and automatic marketing applications through our CRM product development services make it easier for you to access useful information.

Core CRM Solutions

Let us promise you improved profits with the introduction of core CRM software development solutions by simplifying marketing, consumer retention, distribution, and revenue generations.

Data Quality

We want to make sure that you have the highest product knowledge and use it to strengthen customer relationships in your marketing company.

Multi-Platform CRM

As one of the best custom CRM software development companies in Delhi NCR. We give CRM solutions for several devices such as desktops or mobile so that your clients can access the data from any platform.

Custom Development

We are competent to provide custom planned, produced, and tested CRM solutions from our highly experienced RCM specialists. This will upscale the overall capability of your organization.

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Understanding the need for a dedicated eCommerce website is the
first step for running a successful eCommerce business

Increased Customer Reach

An online shop places the goods or services straight into your customers' hands, regardless of where in the world they are.

24X7 Availability

There are no limits when customers can browse and buy your goods, whether at midday or midnight as an eCommerce website is open 24/7.

Running Your Business From Anywhere

You can run your store anywhere you are as long as you connect to the internet, email, and perhaps telephony facilities.

Easier Management

You will display the details on a weekly schedule, daily, or even hourly basis with the proper monitoring tool added to the website to ensure that the product and market bid for improved revenue is continuously optimized.

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E-Commerce development Process

Cultivating unique process for making you a digital storefront


Discovery & User Research

Understanding your customer is just as critical as understanding your business. We work on the challenges, desires, and motives of your audience.


Strategy & Planning

We make sure to plot the course of success by presenting our findings and observations.The framework creates wireframes that display the architecture and experiences of the website to ensure that any scroll and press is a productive and seamless experience.


Design & Development

Our designer produces strategic ideas from the wireframes, by making full-color mock-ups from the main web, smartphone, and tablet. We give out specific documents and visual instructions to streamline the production process by using our development team.


Testing & Launch

Continuing testing at more than 100 checkpoints that enable us to validate the performance and usability of your site.

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Integrate Management of Your Business Process in Real-Time

Enterprise resource planning is a software framework that helps to schedule, administer, and improve internal company operations including manufacture, supply chain, finance, customer relationship management, personnel, and warehouse management. A traditional ERP program incorporates knowledge and operations in an enterprise into a single structure.

At Martvalley Services, we deliver the best ERP software development services to assimilate and simplify market processes that are beneficial in the manufacturing and e-commerce industries. It is easier to improve the development and productivity of an enterprise by clear and timely accessibility of information.

We help businesses streamline and improve their profit margins with our ERP apps. At the same time, also allow organizations to keep pace with ever-changing technology. With our ever-evolving custom ERP software, we make sure to provide you with:


Our ERP developers can promote the elimination of manual processes, efficiently capture data, and streamline business practices within the enterprise.

Customer Support

A full ERP framework improves the overall efficiency of customer service by offering easy access to customer data.

Incorporated Information

ERP program can be used to complete and manage all the data in a single location.

Improved Security

This increases data accuracy and coherence and reduces risks to data threats.

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We Don’t Only Promise- We Deliver With Best Tailored ERP Modules


CRM ERP Module

We implement a CRM ERP module to manage and enhance your relationship with your customers efficiently by automating your tasks. We make sure to add a feedback feature in our CRM ERP module to increase your trust in the market.


Accounting & Finance ERP Modules

Both transactions relating to accounts are handled and tracked. We prepare valuable products, balance sheets, benefit and expense accounts, etc. using this module. We also report and deprecate the business assets for improving the surveillance of assets.


Human Resource ERP Module

The module focuses on the management and monitoring of personnel records, tracking staff, and the management of performance evaluations, compensation and attendance management, etc. We also include travel administration.


Advertising ERP Module

We manage both organizations’ publicity and promotional sectors effortlessly using this module.


Production ERP Module

In the production unit, we use this module to focus on various commodity manufacturing tasks, including production scheduling, equipment scheduling, BOM, daily progress monitoring, etc


Warehouse Management ERP Module

It is intended for the management of warehouse operations and the control of the stock. Strong resource management and maintenance are paramount.


Sales & Distribution ERP Module

The focus of this module is to handle sales effectively. Classic fields are retail pricing, ads, comparison, revenue goals, shares, etc.


Purchase ERP Module

This module is focused on the specifics of the supplier/vendor, purchasing indent, quote management, bought orders, GRN, stock change, etc.


Point of Sale ERP Module

This Module provides a POS for retail order management system in compliance with inventory supply. These include content control, warehouse management, and order consistency alone service.

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